Veteran Owned and Operated

I am a manly sized man, meaning I am twice the man I ever was... literally! I was finding it impossible to find tactical gear that fit well to accommodate my manly proportions. I found that even the more athletic "Think Body Builder's" were even having some issues. It was at that time I started approaching various manufacturers in an attempt to find the larger gear. No Luck! So I started designing the gear I think we will need in the sizes we will need them. Hence Fatman Tactical is formed.

I am still waiting on manufacturers for the release of some amazing gear. All of our products, without exception, are made from the most durable materials we can find. Knowing that, us Juggernauts are very tough on our gear. It just has to be rugged. So keep checking back, or write me and I will keep you updated.

We are a VETERAN owned and operated company!

We use only US American manufacturers and their products. If we were to ever use anything other than US manufacturers or products - which we will not, I will inform our customers that it is not made in America.