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  • OMEALS Lentils w/ BEEF


    Filling, tender Lentils coupled with juicy beef helps you feel satisfied longer. Carrots, Onions and spices simmered in full-bodied wine broth makes this the ultimate comfort food.

    I personally live in a city famous for its food and entertainment, Las Vegas. People constantly approach me asking about good restaurants. Reason: Never ask a skinny person where to eat, and the Fatman knows all the good spots. And I have to tell you this food is the very best in long term and just general outdoor food. The gives this stuff the thumbs up.

    When The Fatman is in the field I put this over rice or pair it up with some instant mashed potatoes and it can put a smile on your face after humpin' it all day.

    OMEALS is powered by NXH Heating Technology. Tested and certified non-toxic, odorless and safe to use in confined spaces.

    Weight:     10 oz.

    SHELF Life:    60 months / 5 years

    PROTEIN:    15g