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  • Vegetable Stew w/ BEEF


    Get cozy with a classic wherever you go! A colorful blend of potatoes, carrot's and peas in a hearty broth are completed with ample portions of BEEF; perfect wholesomeness in every bite.

    I personally live in a city famous for its food and entertainment, Las Vegas. People constantly approach me asking about good restaurants. Reason: Never ask a skinny person where to eat, and the Fatman knows all the good spots. And I have to tell you this food is the very best in long term and just general outdoor food. The gives this stuff the thumbs up.

    Me and a buddy paired this one up with some rice we had and wild onions we found. Talk about a great meal in the field.


    OMEALS is powered by NXH Heating Technology. Tested and certified non-toxic, odorless and safe to use in confined spaces.


    Weight:     10 oz.

    SHELF Life:    60 months / 5 years

    Protein:    14g